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Family Therapy 

In family therapy, spouses, partners, parents, or children join the counseling session. The aim is to emphasize the strengths of the complete family and diminish the influence of substance abuse. The effects of addiction aren’t limited to the addicted person, and the causes of substance abuse can be varied and complex.  Successful treatment, therefore, often incorporates the family of the person struggling with addiction.

The therapist will work with the family unit as a complete group, smaller subgroups, and with members individually to create a plan based on the family dynamics.

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 Benefits of family therapy include:

  • Assisting the substance user to gain awareness of their needs and behaviors.

  • Improving the mental and physical state of the entire family unit

  • Improving communication styles and relationship quality.

  • Helping families understand and avoid enabling behaviors.

  • Address codependent behavior that may be preventing recovery.

  • Learning and understanding the systems in place that support or deter substance abuse.

FAMILY Therapy