Group Therapy 

Group therapy gives patients recovering from substance abuse the opportunity to learn new coping techniques, practice their communication skills, and gain hope and strength from their peers. For many , their interpersonal relations have been reduced to interactions with dealers and other drug users. In group therapy, they can meet men and women like themselves who are facing the same struggles with substance abuse. It is a place were patients can learn how to develop trusting, sober relationships with others. 

Group therapy sessions  led by a trained mental health professional. Sessions typically last approximately one hour.

Tel: (918) 835-3017

Topics vary depending on the format of the meeting, but common subjects include:

  • Education on addiction

  • Managing stressful situations

  • Managing anger, shame, loneliness, and other difficult emotions

  • Coping with substance abuse triggers

  • Coping with cravings and withdrawal symptoms

  • Living with grief and emotional trauma

  • Handling a relapse if it does occur

  • Forming and maintaining healthy relationships

  • Understanding codependency

  • Managing medications

  • Dealing with mental illness (depression, anxiety, social phobias, bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric disorders)

GROUP Therapy

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